Quarterly Follow-ups

What is the Quarterly Follow-up?

The Quarterly Follow-up (QFU) is a questionnaire that is sent to you via post or email link (depending on your choice when you enrolled onto the trial). It should only take 5 minutes to complete and ask retrospectively, when you took your last three study oils and if you have had any unexpected stays in the hospital.

What do I do if I cannot complete it?

If you are experiencing difficulties completing the form online then contact the Trials office. If you forget to complete the questionnaire, a reminder email will be sent 3 weeks after the initial email. If you still have not completed it, then 3 weeks after than a member of the study team at the Trial Coordinating Centre will contact you to get the information over the phone.

The same reminder and telephone system is used for those who have not responded to their questionnaire in the post.


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