Study Medication

What is in the study oil?

The vitamin D preparation that we use in this study is an oil that is taken by mouth and has no taste. It contains no meat or fish products and is suitable for vegetarians. The dose of vitamin D oil used in this study is 5 ml (one teaspoonful, containing 2.5 mg vitamin D) given once a month for two years. This is equivalent to 3,300 IU (International Units) per day, which is higher than the current recommended daily dose in the UK (400 IU per day) but three times lower than the upper safe limit.

I forgot to take my monthly dose, what do I do?

It is safe to take your dose up to two weeks after the scheduled date. If a dose is missed for more than two weeks, take the next dose as scheduled and leave the missed dose in the pack. We will then collect this from you at the end of the trial.

Can I throw away the empty bottles?

Yes, once you have taken your dose you can discard of the empty bottle. Please do keep the cardboard carton and bring them both in when you go in for your Final Visit.

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